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Building Awareness

This design is based on the Japanese concept of orihon. This folding booklet layout has been used in China
and Japan for more than a thousand years. It is an unusual and effective design style to display the relationship
between a person and nature and the water world. The individual was interviewed and their personality was
reflected in the design through visual patterns and words.

1. Tell me a memorable experience around water from your life.
2. What is your relationship to nature?
3. What is your favorite ocean animal? Why?
4. What is your favorite color? Why?
5. What is your favorite landscape? Why?
6. What makes you feel connected with the world?
7. What are you passionate about?
8. Who is your favorite writer/poet/songwriter/designer? Why?
9. What does flow mean to you?
10. How is water meaningful in your life?

1. Her dad taught her how to swim in a public pool.
2. Nature makes her feel calm and tranquil. She said that she feels like she can breathe and not feel tense. 
3. Her favorite ocean animal is a sea dragon because they look cool and can blend in with the environment they are in. 
4. Orange because no matter the intensity of it, it still looks beautiful and its also a fruit.
5. Clear water rivers and cherry blossoms because aesthetically it is a nice combo and it smells nice.
6. Breathing makes me feel connected to nature but also "planting my feet on the ground and having no goal in mind for the moment"
7. Drawing and creating narratives.
8. She didn't have one she could think of.
9. Flow to her meant that life goes on.
10. Water is the secret to health and beauty.